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Dreamforce 2023 - ex-Bluewolf founding CEO Eric Berridge takes the helm at Coastal Cloud This article is sponsored by: Dreamforce 2023 logo © Salesforce

After almost 19 years as founding CEO of pureplay Salesforce consultancy Bluewolf, followed by two years running professional services for Salesforce, Coastal Cloud's new CEO Eric Berridge knows a thing or two about how to succeed as a Salesforce partner.

Eric Berridge, CEO, Coastal Cloud - @philww

How did your tech news story wind up in the circular file? The top ten ways PR pitches go wrong This article is sponsored by:

PR pitches can spark a great story - but too often, they wind up in the virtual recycling bin. Here are ten notorious PR mistakes to avoid, all based on real life encounters from diginomica inboxes. These "close encounters of the worst kind" can be avoided - we'll explain how.

Recycle waste paper basket on office floor © RTimages -

Can we fix enterprise events - by designing for serendipity? This article is sponsored by:

The potential of enterprise events goes far beyond the reality. But there is fresh thinking afoot, on designing for serendipity and providing transformative experiences. For this think piece, I impose a practical challenge: provide examples event planners can pull into fall events.

Group of people connect single colored cogwheels to make a gear. Teamwork, partnership and integration concept - © Shutterstock

Can enterprise tech redeem itself with generative AI? Vishal Sikka on doing AI right, and avoiding generative AI snake oil vendors This article is sponsored by:

In the second part of my interview with Dr. Vishal Sikka, founder and CEO of Vianai Systems, we discuss a novel question: can enterprise tech redeem itself with generative AI? Sikka also shares the top questions customers should ask - to separate solid generative AI vendors from pretenders.

Vishal Sikka of Vianai Systems

Software buyers, terrible sales results & the vision thing (plus a bit of Seinfeld wisdom...) This article is sponsored by:

Technology buyers mess up a lot of potential deals. Smart sellers know which buyers will create problems and either avoid these buyers or have some workarounds. If your firm is thinking of buying some tech, read this to be able to attract great sellers and keep them engaged. Oh, and watch out for the vision thing…

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