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SuccessConnect '23 - under the hood of SAP's generative AI news, and beyond This article is sponsored by:

Add SuccessConnect to the long list of fall events heavy on AI news. But the key to AI plans is in the specifics - here's what I've learned so far. The SuccessFactors leadership has a broader agenda beyond AI; how it fits together is what really matters.

SuccessFactors leadership team at analyst Q.A

Contentful shifts focus to empower the entire digital team with new products and capabilities This article is sponsored by:

Content Management platforms don't have to be built for ‌developers or marketers. It is possible to support the best of both worlds, and that's what Contentful, a composable content management platform vendor, aims to do.


Enterprise hits and misses - generative AI bears down on industries, disruptive employees get analyzed, and fall events roll on This article is sponsored by:

This week - generative AI's impact leads to industry assessments. Next up: insurance. Fall event season is (still) in high gear - roundups of our Workday and Confluent user event coverage are still piping hot. Disengaged and disruptive employees hurt companies, but how did we get here? Plus: AI whiffs.


Workday Rising '23 - Workday reveals its approach to generative AI and customer data privacy This article is sponsored by:

At Workday Rising, you couldn't miss the emphasis on responsible AI. But how much would Workday reveal about its generative AI approach? What about pricing, customer data privacy, opt-ins, and LLM accuracy? Here's what I learned.

Workday leadership team at Workday Rising

Accenture's full year generative AI revenues come in at $300 million out of a $64.1 billion total. There's a long way to go, says CEO Julie Sweet This article is sponsored by:

Gen AI revenue has doubled in the past quarter, but projects are typically experimental and there's a lot of caution alongside the curiosity.

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