Most teachers carry around little sticks that they can flail around when they are angry. Especially teachers at Hogwarts.

Your child’s grades are not good. We will now all gaze into the distance with disgruntled expressions to express our vast, vast disappointment and cement her shame.


My student has clearly expired from my dreary style of lecturing!

With catlike readiness, this teacher sights her prey and prepares to leap.

Woo, that whiskey in the back cupboard of the Teacher’s Lounge sure hit the spot! Which way is my whiteboard? Does this thing turn on?

We’re not really sure what’s going on here. At all. But it looks like it has a soundtrack.

The administration loves Mrs. Terwilliger because she exposes the students to so much mathematics! 

Children! Do you not hear my very very very tiny bell which requires your instant attention?

We’re not sure what’s scarier–the fact that this teacher may have been an assassin in a former life or the fact that he’s wearing highwaters with white socks.