By the time our students get to middle and high school, they’re spending at least some of their time thinking about money. They want to know how to earn it and how to save it so they can buy the things they want, now and in the future.

Pictures of financial literacy posters that say budget and build wealth

These financial literacy posters are perfect for getting your students thinking about saving and budgeting. Each poster touches on a different concept, making each one the perfect starting point for a lesson on how to make smart financial choices.


Photo of financial literacy posters saying grow your wealth and be wise

You can use these posters to:

  • Introduce financial literacy concepts like wants vs. needs, earning interest, and investing.
  • Discuss why starting to save now increases students’ chances for financial stability and independence later in life.
  • Help them plan ahead for large purchases like cars, college, or a first home.
  • Begin important discussions about debt that will help students avoid future problems with credit or overspending.


Photo of financial literacy posters saying save and choose wisely

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Get your students talking about the smart money decisions they can make right now with these financial literacy posters.