Earlier this week, Reddit user chouse33 posted this semi-serious call-to-action on r/Teachers:

Welcome to The Resistance: Who’s in? from Teachers

While this post was made under the “humor” category, the responses show that teachers demanding to only work their contracted time for their contracted pay is clearly a serious subject for them.


User haysus25 responded with the top comment:

Another teacher, user 123LoveMyLife123, also attested to how creating boundaries improved their health:

Other teachers remarked on their own burnout last year and/or in recent years. From user woahyougo:

Many teachers who have or want children weighed in on the importance of putting their loved ones first. From user chuchunk:

From user ShineImmediate7081:

User gettingteachywithit pointed out a sad reality of the expectations we have of teachers:

User Global-Firefighter33 told this sad but relatable story on the importance of boundaries:

And a final note from user Math-Hatter:

I think you’re onto something, Math-Hatter.

Will you join “The Resistance”? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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Teachers Are Joining “The Resistance” This Year—Are You In?