Why not make recycling more fun with this printable dice game! The object of this game is easy: Students roll the dice, follow the instructions and place materials in recycling bins. All you need is our free printable dice game to make this come to life. Use it in the classroom, as a school-wide activity, or send it home to parents during online learning! They can set up smaller bins and play as a family. It’s the perfect way to get them active and excited about recycling.

Download the dice game:

Once you have these printed and are ready to go, review the instructions below, and get ready for your students to play! You can also watch this video to see the game in action:

Step 1: Make your cardboard dice

cardboard dice template

You’ll need two dice that are perfect cubes. This will make a big difference in how your dice roll, so you might have to do a little searching to find the perfect size. Once you create the dice, tape or glue the activities onto each side of one dice. On the other dice, mark the sides with each number from one to six.

Step 2: Set up your recycling bins

Printable Dice Game Bins

Organize six different recycling bins, each assigned a number between one and six. We recommend scattering the recycling bins out in a big circle. Or if you want an added challenge for students, spread them out all over the gym, really making students work for each one! In the play area, you’ll also want to have a pile of bottles or cans that need recycling. This is what students will be carrying during the game.

Step 3: Have students roll the dice and follow the instructions

Printable Dice Game Roll

First, designate two students as the first two to roll the dice. Have them do this at the same time! Once they roll, the students have their instructions on what bin they need to go to and how they need to get there. They should each grab a bottle or can and race to place it in the designated recycling bin. Remember, though, they have to do the action item on the dice the entire time.

Step 4: Keep the momentum going!

Students playing dice game

The two students who make it back first get to roll the dice next! Wait until everyone is back and then start racing again!

Try different versions of this game.

Different dice faces

There are a dozen different ways you can play this game. You can time students, one or two at a time. You can create teams or an additional set of dice so students race against one another. You can also write down random points on the bottles or cans. Then you count the points at the end to declare a winner. We like using this game as a fun way to get students up and moving while also promoting recycling. We tested it out, and students really loved working together as a team while we timed them during every roll. It definitely brought them together and got them giggling!

Make recycling a priority for your students by getting involved in PepsiCo’s Recycle Rally school program. Also, if you’re looking for more ideas on turning recycling into a game, check out our obstacle course.

Try Our Free Printable Dice Game to Promote Recycling