Teaching your students about weather is one of the most exciting units! We’ve put together awesome weather worksheets with five different activities plus an additional hands-on demonstration. Your students will love becoming weather detectives as they dive into these fun activities that include a crossword puzzle, matching game, hands-on lesson, and more. Want to continue the learning at home? We’ve got a family take-home too!

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Weather Detective Worksheets

weather detective worksheets for students

  • Detect weather trends by recording the weather each day and illustrating it.
  • Become familiar with weather terms by decoding an awesome crossword.
  • Investigate wild weather by coloring icons and matching types of storms.

weather worksheets for students

    • Learn the differences between climate and weather with definitions and a this-or-that activity.
    • Identify climates across the world by shading in a map.

Water Cycle Hands-On Activity

hands-on weather worksheet and activity

  • Make it hands-on! Demonstrate the water cycle by using simple materials, including a sandwich bag right in your classroom window.

Severe Weather Plan Family Take-Home

hands-on weather worksheet and activity

  • Want to continue the learning at home? Send home our family letter along with this printable to make a plan to stay safe from severe weather.

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Become a Weather Detective—Free Worksheets for Your Weather Unit!