Teaching kids about germs can help prevent them from getting sick. This germ-education activity was designed specifically with grades K-2 in mind and teaches kids how germs spread through a fun story and cut-and-paste task. Plus, it provides extra practice in an important reading skill: sequencing!

The Story: “A Germy Day”

Flat lay of A Germy Day activity on blue background

Follow Tim as he makes his way to school … and picks up lots of germs on the way. Depending on your students’ reading levels, you can read this aloud, post it in a center, print it out for them to read on their own, or send it for learning at home.

The Activity: Sequencing

Flat lay of A Germy Day activity on blue background

Students can color in the comic squares before they cut them out and paste them in order on the story mat. This makes for a great at-home activity and families can hang it up as a reminder of how germs spread.

Creative Writing Extension: Create your own “A Germy Day” story together as a class or have independent writers do it on their own.

This activity is part of the HERE for Healthy Schools by Lysol lesson “A Very Good, No Germs, Fresh and Healthy Day.”

Yes! I Want This Free “A Germy Day” Activity

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