You mean French isn’t only spoken in France? When students are learning a new language, a great way to encourage them to keep going is by showing them all the places they might use it! With this resource, you can download four posters featuring French, Spanish, Italian, and German. And students can label all the countries that speak that language. These language map posters are great for social studies teachers, too!

French around the world

French language map poster on a desk

Did you know that French is spoken in 27 countries on three continents?

Spanish around the world

 Spanish language map poster on a desk

Spanish is truly a global language with more than 500 million native speakers.

Italian around the world

Italian language map poster on a desk

Vatican City is its own country! In fact, it’s the smallest country in the world.

German around the world

 German language map poster on a desk

Can your students identify the six countries that speak German?

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