With the move to online learning, students may be missing out on hands-on, creative assignments. That’s why there’s never been a better time for high schoolers to make use of their smart devices than through Getty Unshuttered, a free photo-sharing app created for teens by the Getty Museum. It’s a great resource for teens to creatively express themselves and learn new photography skills while virtually connecting with peers.

Creating meaning in a time of social isolation

For young people, Getty Unshuttered can fulfill an important need for connection and purpose during a time of social isolation. The app creates a community that empowers teens to raise their voices for social good. Through photography challenges and virtual peer-to-peer connections, teens are encouraged to share their passions and activate others through photography.

The opportunities are endless. Some teens use their photography to bring awareness to pro-social good. For example, one high schooler used photography to shed light on foster youth. Teens may also find that having a creative outlet to document their social distancing journey is beneficial to their mental health.

photo of teen boy's head on a bright background found on Getty Unshuttered photo sharing app

Photo Credit: Sabinah Lopez, Getty Unshuttered

Learning the skills to grow as artists

Getty Unshuttered sets itself apart from other social media apps by teaching teens the photography skills they need to grow as artists. The app includes a skill tree, which provides more than 25 quick and easy photography video lessons. Skills fall into categories like perspective, composition, lighting, and more.

The current reality of social distancing provides an added creative challenge. For example, traditional outdoor landscape photos may not be possible to capture outside homes. Instead, teens may be challenged to stretch their creativity to practicing skills in alternative ways. They may need to find new perspectives, such as shooting a landscape through a window. Or they make take it a step further and create a miniature landscape from everyday objects to photograph.

Join the Getty Unshuttered Community

Help your teens connect with like-minded peers, share their passions, and hone their photography skills through Getty Unshuttered, a free, award-winning photo-sharing app from the Getty Museum that builds a positive community for young artists to raise their voices for social good. 

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