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Recycling Activities for Students

Recycling Innovators In History

People have been working to recycle and reduce waste for much longer than you might realize! Share this article with your students to learn about some of the people throughout our nation’s history who found their own ways to make the most of what they had, becoming true recycling innovators.

Recycling Games

Bingo? Fun quizzes? Recycle Drop? Count us in for these games that make recycling even more fun!

Test Students' Recycling Knowledge with this Quiz!

If you’ve begun a recycling program at your school or just want to see if your students know the basics about what they can recycle, this is the perfect game for them to try. We’ve created a K-8 recycling game that runs in a slideshow!

Get composting!
We generate 21.5 million tons of food waste each year.
If composted, that food would reduce the same
amount of greenhouse gas as taking
two million cars off the road. - EPA

Can I Recycle That?

Plastic bags. Mixed paper. Metal containers. Some of these can be recycled and some can't. Do you know which is which? Watch this video collection and then share what you've learned with your family and friends.

Continue Your Recycle Efforts

Keep up your recycling through winter and into the new year!

Only three in ten plastic water bottles get recycled.
Recycling plastic bottles conservestwice as much energy
as burning them in an incinerator. - EPA

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