As the world becomes increasingly connected, our students are going to face new challenges we haven’t even imagined! Algorithms. Cybersecurity. Data science. Cryptology. These are the tools they’ll need in order to meet those challenges head-on.

Our mission? To find the next generation of problem-solvers and creative thinkers—your students! These lessons, activities, articles, and games will boost your students’ STEM skills and get them ready to become the cyber detectives our world will need.


How can we keep sensitive data safe online? Protect it with cryptology!

Video: Meet a Real-Life Security Expert!

Eleven-year-old student journalist Aponi chats with cybersecurity pro Anne Marie about a typical day at her job, kids and coding, and more!

Artificial Intelligence

How can we process massive amounts of data in milliseconds? Unleash the power of AI!

Videos: What Is Artificial Intelligence?

AI Game: Welcome to the Pet Pals Animal Shelter


This adorable animal shelter game teaches kids how artificial intelligence helps solve real-world problems.

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Online Safety

Learn how to protect yourself from sneaky cyber criminals!

Let’s Keep in Touch!

Let’s Keep in Touch!

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