When students can’t succeed at school because they can’t afford internet at home, it’s easy to feel helpless. But there is a solution. Project 10Million is a program that delivers internet connectivity to millions of underserved student households at no cost to them. Through partnership with school districts across the country, the program/initiative offers free internet and free mobile hotspots – and access to at-cost laptops and tablets.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill out a program request form.
  2. T-Mobile education expert contacts your school.
  3. T-Mobile will work with you to determine how many students are eligible at your school based on eligibility for the National School Lunch Program.
  4. Households receive their hotspots and devices.

How do school
administrators apply?

Interested schools or school districts can fill out a program request form. Upon receiving your application, a T-Mobile education expert will contact you.

Watch: How to Get Free Internet for School

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Working to connect every student.

This offer is brought to you by T-Mobile. Project 10Million is a program that delivers free internet and free mobile hotspots and access to at-cost laptops and tablets to millions of underserved student households.

During congestion, Project 10Million customers may notice speeds lower than other customers due to data prioritization. Video typically streams in SD quality. Limited time offer; subject to change. Available lines are limited. Intended for student mobile connectivity. Must verify student National School Lunch Program eligibility. 1 offer per household. Confirm your program can accept free equipment and/or service. Roaming not available. Annual data service ends at earlier of 100GB or 365 days. Video streams at up to 2.5Mbps (SD). Optimization may affect speed of video downloads; does not apply to video uploads. For best performance, leave any video streaming applications at their default automatic resolution setting. Optional educational filtering may prevent some video streaming or other content. Coverage not available in some areas. Network Management: Service may be slowedsuspendedterminated, or restricted for misuse, abnormal use, interference with our network or ability to provide quality service to other users, or roaming. See T-Mobile.com/OpenInternet for details. See Terms and Conditions at www.T-Mobile.com for additional information.