Spring begins on March 20, and what better way to celebrate growth and new beginnings than with a new bulletin board! There are so many fun ways to bring the season to your spring bulletin boards.

Want the cheeriest of spring bulletin boards? Here are some basic supplies to get you started. Then check out the list of 20 bulletin boards and doors below for inspiration.


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1. Leave winter behind

Spring Bulletin Boards

Kids will get a giggle out of this punny bunny spring bulletin board. Feeling ambitious? Have kids make real working pinwheels to attach to the board.

Source: Chicago Teacher Store/Instagram

2. Enjoy the showers and flowers

Spring Bulletin Boards

Use watercolors or crayons to decorate umbrellas, then hang them over paper raincoats featuring your students’ names. Words or names fall from the clouds in raindrops, while those 3-D flowers are simple enough for any teacher to create.

Source: Miss Nancy 3S/Instagram

3. Swing into spring

Spring Bulletin Boards

Look at all those adorable little students enjoying the world’s longest swing set! We think it’s amazing, and your kids will too.

Source: PE Central

4. Demonstrate your growth mindset

End-of-Year Bulletin Boards

Flowers that are 3-D really pop, and these are easier to make than you might think (get instructions here). They’re a beautiful way to highlight growth mindset statements.

Source: Morgan Kirven/Pinterest

5. Spring for success

End of Year Bulletin Board Tony Pinterest

These fun springtime bunnies will remind your kids that there’s more to success than meets the eye. That’s a lesson worth learning all year long.

Source: Tony Morales/Pinterest

6. Shower them with springtime math

Spring Bulletin Boards

Give new life to the old saying by adding some math facts. Each raindrop holds a fraction, each flower the corresponding decimal.

Source: The Edgy Educator/Instagram

7. “Bee” amazing all spring long

Spring Bulletin Boards

Have your students help you make a list of ways to “bee” amazing. Then create this simple spring bulletin board with eye-catching flowers and happy bees to display their answers.

Source: Cathy Ross/Pinterest

8. Build a flower of handprints

Spring Bulletin Boards

Trace each student’s hands on colorful paper and have them add decorations. Then use the handprints to create a single spectacular springtime bloom.

Source: Shannon Sullivan/Pinterest

9. Assemble a shower of test tips

Spring bulletin board

For many, spring brings testing season. Get kids to share their best tips for staying calm during testing season on individual raindrops and post them for all to see.

Source: Supply Me

10. Fly away on spring breezes

Spring bulletin board

These cheerful spring birdies are easy to create using vibrant scrapbook paper. Paint the tree branch and give each birdie funny little feet to complete the scene.

Source: MrsPicasso’s Art Room

11. Bug out about spring

Spring bulletin board

Paper plate ladybugs are easy to make and look so great on display. You could also make bees by using yellow plates and adding stripes and wings. Or link together multiple plates to create a caterpillar to fit with the bug theme.

Source: Trinity Preschool Mount Prospect

12. Celebrate April showers

April Showers Bulletin Board

April showers bring May flowers & math caterpillars.

Source: @sucka_b_real

13. Hello Spring!

Hello Spring bulletin board

Flowers and flowers and flowers galore.

Source: @ashdukexo

14. Spring is in the air

Spring is the in air bulletin board

These adorable ladybugs also help with counting and addition!

Source: @poppingintokinder

15. How does your garden grow?

Garden Bulletin Board

Sometimes Good Manners actually take practice and reminders, so put this on your door! So everyone in the building can see it!

Source: @chicagoteacherstore

16. When we learn, we grow!

When we learn we grow - Spring Bulletin Boards

Each student reflected on who they are, what they know, what they understand, and what they can do.

Source: @cultured_classroom

17. If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies

If nothing ever changed there would be no butterflies - Spring Bulletin Boards

So true! Discuss the transformation.

Source: @just_tee_cota

18. Bloom!

Bloom - Spring Bulletin Boards

Paper flowers and a Bloom banner are all you need for this … one of our favorite fun spring bulletin boards.

Source: @iskulo

19. Your wings already exist, all you have to do is fly

Your Wings Already Exist - All You Have to Do is Fly - Spring Bulletin Boards

We love all the butterfly names and cutouts.

Source: @mssolimansclass

20. Walk into spring with a good book!

Walk into spring with a good book

Perfect for your library or hall!

Source: @greatlibrarydisplays

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