One of you assigns the homework, the other completes it. But that doesn’t mean you don’t both enjoy recess and pizza Fridays. 

  1. You like assemblies.
  2. You’re excited when lunch comes with a cookie.
  3. You struggle with homework sometimes.
  4. There are NEVER. ENOUGH. PENCILS.
  5. You have trouble remembering the new kid’s name.
  6. You love it when someone brings in birthday treats.
  7. You wear a new outfit on the first day of school.
  8. When you bring home the class pet, you hope you don’t accidentally kill it.
  9. 22 Surprising Things Teachers and Kids Have in CommonYou like bus rides better when the driver plays music.
  10. You like to sit with your friends at lunch.
  11. You want to win the Halloween costume contest.
  12. Neither of you are allowed to text in class.
  13. You hope you look good in the class picture.
  14. You call each other by your last names.
  15. You’re a little intimidated by the principal.
  16. You hope other students give you a cool nickname.
  17. When you’re new, the first thing you want to see is your classroom.
  18. Sometimes you stay after school for clubs and sports.
  19. In yearbook photos, you’ll both look back and wonder, What was I wearing?!
  20. You get nervous about standardized tests.
  21. Sometimes you run in the halls, rebel.
  22. You bring a sack lunch on field trips.

Nicole Leigh Shaw is a humorist, mom and creator of typos. Follow her on her blog, She also writes for NickMom and