Over the course of their careers, teachers develop their own lexicon for addressing classroom happenings. How many of these do you remember from your own time in the classroom?

“Is there something you’d like to share with the class?”


“The bell doesn’t dismiss you, I dismiss you.”

“I’ll wait …”

Recently on Reddit, user @BardGirl1289 asked teachers for their favorite go-to phrases:

Handy Phrases to Say to Kids from Teachers

Here are just a few of the incisive, silly, and witty things teachers had to say:

(Note: Remember as you read the list that each teacher has a unique way of responding depending on a variety of factors. The situation and context, of course. Their personality and regional colloquialisms. That particular teacher’s comfort and/or skill with sarcasm. Tone. And critically, relationships with students. Feel free to use these classroom phrases as inspiration, but as is the case with so many things in the teaching world, this list is not one-size-fits-all!)

When students are making demands …

When they’re whining …

Note: We love these next two!

This is my personal favorite:

When they’re approaching your breaking point …

Nope, changed my mind. This is my favorite:

Note: This next one may need to be accompanied by the fabulous YouTube clip contextualizing it:

Can I get this one cross-stitched and framed for my wall?

This is brilliant. I give it an eleven.

When you’re saying goodbye for the weekend or a long break …

And finally, though we can’t advocate using this risky one, we did find it hilarious:

What are some of your favorite classroom phrases you’ve used or heard? Let us know in the comments.

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Reddit Teachers Share Their Favorite Handy Phrases To Say to Kids, and They're Amazing