A good chuckle can be a game-changer in the classroom. When boredom strikes or morale seems low, laughter is the best medicine. Need some kid-friendly humor to boost the mood? We’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of cheesy teacher jokes you can share with your students!

Our Favorite Teacher Jokes

1. You can never go wrong with alphabet puns.

2. A little playground humor!

3. I’m not sure any teacher has a favorite snake, but …

4. This is for those who like to fly under the radar.

5. Money jokes just make cents.

6. All math teachers have problems!

7. A little Bach humor.

8. Is there such thing as a sad math joke? Yes!

9. A nod to geography.

10. A cool teacher joke!

11. A piano tune-up indeed.

12. Do old math teachers ever die?

13. Never call homework a piece of cake.

14. Spelling jokes? The best!

15. A little upper-grade ELA humor.

16. Love a good cheesy grammar joke.

17. Just spit it out already.

18. Fashion and math humor all in one.

19. Organic chemistry jokes? Yes, please.

20. Measurements? Monarchs? Same difference!

21. Sometimes you need all the help you can get.

22. But don’t over-explain it.

23. As long as it’s not state testing!

24. At least it is not math problems!

25. Time is not always your friend.

26. Math can be strange.

27. We all get emotional sometimes.

28. A good attitude always helps.

29. It’s cheesy jokes o’clock.

30. See you later, alligator!

31. You gotta catch ’em first!

32. Talk about dark times.

33. It’s all about location.

34. That’s one way to create a division.

35. Makes me optimistic for the future.

36. This is way too literal.

37. At least they’re honest!

38. What a coincidence!

39. Sounds like the perfect destination.

40. It’s right there in the name.

41. It’s been around a long time.

42. Nutrition is important.

43. Come to your senses.

44. They know how to help things grow.

45. Maybe we all need a day off.

46. Gotta keep your energy up.

47. A direct approach is often best.

48. What a know-it-all!

49. It’s all about self-worth.

50. Food for thought.

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50 Cheesy Teacher Jokes That Make Us Laugh Out Loud