The stress of tests and social dynamics can prove challenging for students and for this reason, they need an opportunity to express themselves freely. Art provides a powerful outlet for creative expression while also proving therapeutic. Plus a good art project can be particularly effective at getting kids to unplug from their devices! A simple art project can even fill some of the downtime during the day for early  finishers. Gather some art supplies and try one of these easy art projects for kids!

Easy Art Projects for Preschoolers

1. Paper Bag Jellyfish

Text at the top says Paper Bag Jellyfish. Four paper bags have been painted with googly eyes glued on them. The bottom of the bags have been shredded with scissors.

As far as easy art projects for kids go, this one is perfect for preschoolers since it works on their hand eye coordination and their cutting skills in particular. In addition to paper bags and scissors or pinking sheers, you will need some paints, paintbrushes, googly eyes, and glue. Finally, if you’re really feeling ambitious, you can grab some sparkles!


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2. Tissue Paper Apple

A piece of paper has two apples on it that are created from little squares of red and green tissue paper that have been glued onto the apple outlines.

Since everyone associates apples with fall and the start of school, this will be the perfect craft to start the school year off on the right foot. Simply draw an apple outline on a piece of paper and have small red and green tissue paper squares ready to be crumpled and glued by tiny hands.

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3. Fork Print Tulips

Several pieces of paper have tulips that are made from different colored paints dipped in the top part of forks to make the flower head. green stems and leaves are painted underneath.

This project is both cute and simple requiring only a fork, some heavyweight paper, and some paints. This project would be especially perfect for a Mother’s Day gift.

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4. Paper Plate Lion

This easy art project for kids shows a paper plate that is painted orange with simple eyes, mouth, and nose painted on in black. The edges of the plate have been cut with slits to look like a mane.

All you need to recreate this adorable lion is orange and black paint, paintbrushes, paper plates, and scissors. Grab some popsicle sticks to glue to the back and you’ll have a ferocious puppet show on your hands in no time!

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5. Popsicle Stick Rainbow

This easy art project for kids shows white circles glued to a piece of light blue construction paper as clouds. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple popsicle sticks are coming out of the clouds as a rainbow.

Grab some blue cardstock, cotton circles, and popsicle sticks then have your students work on their gluing skills. This craft will surely prove effective at teaching little ones their colors. Choose either colored popsicle sticks or have kids color them themselves!

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6. Paper Plate Octopus

An orange and a blue octopus are made from paper plates painted with faces on them and the octopus legs are made from strips of construction paper.

Kids love octopuses especially adorable ones like these! This craft would be perfect for little ones still learning to count since they have a whopping eight legs to make.

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7. Macaroni Necklaces

This image of an easy art project for kids shows 5 multi-colored macaroni necklaces made from painted macaroni, string, and some beads.

A staple of many of our childhoods, macaroni necklaces work on the dexterity of little fingers while also making perfect gifts. Add in some large beads as well for variety!

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Easy Art Projects for Elementary School Students

8. Paper Roll Koala

This easy art project for kids shows a cute koala made from a paper roll, construction paper, and pom-poms.

This super cute koala would make an adorable desk buddy since it stands up on its own. Kids will certainly enjoy personalizing their koala’s face!

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9. Leaf Pattern Drawing

The outline of a leaf is divided into different sections in this easy art project for kids. Each section is brightly colored with a different pattern in it.

We just love art projects that fill the entire page and this one certainly fits the bill! The combination of crayon and watercolor paint create this multi-dimensional leaf print.

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10. Woven Rainbow Fish

An image on the top shows a white cutout of a fish with a stack of strips of brightly colored paper. The bottom image shows the final product with the strips woven inside the fish.

This project is perfect for working on students’ hand-eye coordination while being a cursory introduction to sewing. It’s challenging enough for even upper elementary school students while still being relatively simple.

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11. Thumbprint Bugs

This easy art project for kids shows three steps to making a red thumbprint turn into a ladybug.This easy art project for kids shows three steps to making green thumbprints turn into a caterpillar.

These thumbprint doodles are just so sweet and would perfectly compliment a science lesson all about bugs. After having students try their hand at some of the thumbprint examples, let them use their imagination to see what other ideas they can cook up. You can even have them create bug jars out of cardstock to put their new friends in!

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12. Umbrella with Rain

Another fun art project that is really affordable to recreate since you really only need paper plates, some paints, a roll of string, and some blue beads. We just love this creative approach to creating raindrops!

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13. Popsicle Stick Pencil

A pencil is made from construction paper and several yellow popsicle sticks in this easy art project for kids.

Nothing says back to school more than a cute, pencil themed craft. Have students add their name to them and then use them to decorate a September bulletin board in your classroom.

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14. Craft Stick Airplane

Two small airplanes are shown made from a clothespin, different size popsicle sticks, and a wooden bead. They are painted.

Kids will unquestionably go crazy over these clothespin and popsicle stick airplanes. Regardless of whether they choose paint or permanent markers, students will enjoy personalizing their tiny flying machines.

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15. Pom Pom Caterpillars

Since kids love pom poms and caterpillars, this will be the perfect craft to grab their attention. Make sure to have a fun variety of pom poms and googly eyes.

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Easy Art Projects for Middle School Students

16. Gratitude Journal

The front of a journal is shown with an abstract painting on the cover of this easy art project for kids.

This project doubles as an art and writing activity since students can use their finished journals for writing prompts. These personalized journals beat store-bought ones any day!

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17. Layer Cakes

Four multi layer cakes are shown cut into. They are drawn using oil pastels.

Regardless of students’ experience with oil pastels, this project will be a good introduction to the medium. Have students follow a step-by-step tutorial for drawing the outline of the layer cake then let them use the pastels to bring their drawings to life!

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18. Chalk Planets

Four different planets are shown drawn on black backgrounds in this easy art project for kids.

This is an inexpensive way to enhance a science unit on space while still getting creative. It’s inexpensive too since all you will need is some black paper and chalk.

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19. Back-to-School Rocks

Eight rocks are painted as various back-to-school items including a purple crayon, a pink eraser, and a pencil.

Kids love painting rocks so why not make it school themed? Show students some of these examples to copy or let them come up with some of their own then spread them around the school’s grounds.

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20. Dictionary Page Drawing

A dictionary page is the backdrop to a drawing of the word Ignorant. A strange looking cartoon man is shown.

Easy art projects for kids that also double as vocabulary lessons? Yes, please! This project will prove especially educational as students are tasked with illustrating a word on an old dictionary page.

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21. Paper Collage Painting

A green coffee mug with steam coming out of it is sitting on a pink surface with a yellow background. This easy art project for kids is made from pieces of different colored paper.

Students will certainly enjoy creating their collages from a variety of materials. Even better – this project is a great way to encourage recycling since old cereal boxes and other food labels can be ripped into strips and repurposed!

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22. Crayon Resist Art

This easy art project for kids shows multiple pieces of paper with different doodles and words in white crayon with paint surrounding it. An actual white crayon and watercolor paints are on top of the paintings.

This simple project can be done without a lot of instruction and will work for any age student. This project runs on the same idea as some Easter egg decorating kits in that the paint or dye sticks to the areas not covered in wax, or in this case, crayon.

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23. Number Art

An image shows several number stencils layered upon one another and the sections are colored in many different colors in this easy art project for kids.

If you have some math whizzes in your class, they will likely enjoy this numbers themed art project. Grab some large number stencils and paints and you’ll be ready for this low-setup project!

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Easy Art Projects for High School Students

24. Yarn Wrapped Letter

A letter M made of cardboard is wrapped with different colored yarn. Several rows of yarn are in the background.

All you will need to recreate this craft is some leftover cardboard, a bunch of different yarns, and some scissors. Teens especially will enjoy this project as the end result can be used as decoration in their bedrooms and eventually their dorm rooms!

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25. Elevated Macaroni Necklace

Two macaroni necklaces are shown. One is teal and the other is pink and both are on actual chains.

Some easy art projects for kids and teens can even double as fashion! Despite their association with preschool, these are definitely not your little brother or sister’s macaroni necklaces. Swapping out twine with an actual chain makes these necklaces look surprisingly high-end.

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26. Neuro Doodle Design

Black squiggles on a white paper form different size shapes, some of which are colored in purple and green in this easy art project for kids.

This is a simple and mindful art project that can be enjoyed by students regardless of their art experience. This art process was invented by Russian psychologist and architect Pavel Piskarev in 2014.

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27. Crepe Paper Flowers

A glass plate has a variety of flowers on it which are made from crepe paper.

This is the perfect project for early finishers to do since each flower only takes 5 minutes to create! In addition to being a fun project, these flowers would also make for beautiful classroom décor.

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28. CD Fish

Two fish are made from CDs with eyes and tissue paper fins added.

Easy art projects for kids that utilize outdated technology? Why not? Although this project could work for any age group, older kids will be able to personalize their fish using a variety of add-on materials. Be prepared to explain to your students what CDs are since they were born long after their demise!

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29. Pencil Sculpture

A sculpture is made from 72 pencils that have been arranged in a dome shape.

While this project can get complicated, simpler structures can be completed using fewer pencils. The preparation is minimal requiring just a bunch of pencils and elastics but the reward will be big when you see what your students create!

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30. Ribbon Garland

A garland is created from strips of different fabrics that are tied to a string in this easy art project for kids.

This project is another good time filler since it can be worked on and then picked up again later and continued. It’s also a good lesson in recycling since you can ask students to bring in any fabric or ribbons that may be sitting around their houses unused.

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31. Origami

Hands are shown holding an orange origami fish and a neon yellow origami fish in this easy art project for kids.

Origami paper is inexpensive and can be bought in bulk, making this an affordable and low preparation art project. Additionally, it is perfect for high school students who are better equipped to follow along an instructional video.

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31 of Our Favorite Easy Art Projects for Kids