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SuccessConnect '23 - under the hood of SAP's generative AI news, and beyond This article is sponsored by:

Add SuccessConnect to the long list of fall events heavy on AI news. But the key to AI plans is in the specifics - here's what I've learned so far. The SuccessFactors leadership has a broader agenda beyond AI; how it fits together is what really matters.

SuccessFactors leadership team at analyst Q.A

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Enterprise hits and misses - generative AI bears down on industries, disruptive employees get analyzed, and fall events roll on This article is sponsored by:

This week - generative AI's impact leads to industry assessments. Next up: insurance. Fall event season is (still) in high gear - roundups of our Workday and Confluent user event coverage are still piping hot. Disengaged and disruptive employees hurt companies, but how did we get here? Plus: AI whiffs.


Workplace culture - O.C. Tanner & new Management Thinking This article is sponsored by:

It’s good to see how many firms are tackling the litany of HR-related woes impacting businesses today. A key finding is that engagement, respect, empathy and other factors are sorely needed but sadly missing for 80% of the workforce. These insights and more were front and center at O.C. Tanner’s recent conference.

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